Life at 22

In every narrative there is, there are certain excerpts that are left untold. Probably because the writer opted not to make a big deal out of it, or it could be just inexplicable to elucidate and account. But overall, mine’s really not overrated. There are some areas in my life that I often forgot (or maybe not know how to) to relive but worth sharing after all.

Here are some things I’ve realized in life at 22:


I was never a family-oriented person. I often go out on Sundays (even on Friday, after office, or Saturday afternoon) for a booze sessions and return home on Monday after office. I never really appreciate staying at home with family ’cause I think it’s just lonesome – brewing boredom in a Big Brother house.

Until it hit me one day, after I broke up with an ex (finally), that I mostly get my source of happiness and support from my family (well, friends are next in line). I suddenly appreciate the weekend time spent with my folks and sisters; I suddenly love the idea of alone time with myself inside my room; I suddenly love the company of my annoying sister and started being protective of her; and I suddenly recognize the conviction of having a great family behind every human being in search of his/her identity.


There comes a time when you have to identify friends who are half-assed and Janus-faced from the real, sincere ones. It’s not that I’ve pointed fingers on them readily, but I have some in mind. But the real deal here is that, I’ve realized after all the shit I’ve went through, some stayed, some judged, and some stepped out of the picture.

Also, I’ve made friends with new people at this age. I’ve opened my arms to new people, of varying age, for the sake of finding the people who will remain when you’re not in your best-est.


At 22, I’m sort of in a hurry when it comes to getting what I want, career wise. Not that I am not into my work; it’s a dream come true to be honest. But anything that seems to never work in the long run, must have a fallback. I may have the ability to play with words ’cause, yes, I am smart, but there are times when it is not commensurate to what I have earned (read between the lines).

Just recently, I’ve suddenly had a thought of paving the asphalts to a field which somehow kinda matches to my field. I’ve attended a few interviews matched to this field but sadly I know deep in my heart that I’m still incapable of doing such ’cause of my work experience. But really, this isn’t like the doomsday. I kept on telling myself to wait for the right time and to keep on planning ahead, And the plan’s been simmering for quite some time now.


Probably the best highlight of 2013’s first half – there’s more to come, I know.

Meeting mi amor: most likely one of the life changing event in my life. Meeting Chris V. was unaccountable. Even I can’t really explain everything ’cause finding the right words to say and to describe seems ineffable. The feelings just speak for it.

This is the kind of relationship that will make you want to strive more to keep it, nurture it, maintain it and make it yours for a lifetime.

It may sound dreamy but that’s just how I see it.


I definitely believe that my life will start at 22. My life prior to that seems to be a bit tiresomely redundant, subdued and rigid. Now, I’m more than ready to start it right with these realizations in life. Try some things I haven’t done before and seize the life I have and live life at its fullest!

Comer, Ceber, Rezar, Amar y Regocijarse!Image



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