A Narrative of Saunters at UP Sunken Garden



It’s been almost a year since I last set my foot on UP Sunken Garden’s withered grasslands. This place gave me so much to remember. From finding a new love…back to sauntering the pavements and earth in solitude. But what seems to be a supposedly, lonely scenery became a happy, free ardor.



I used to associate Keane’s song “Somewhere only we know” to this place. I sort of claimed that that one certain person and I treasured this place a lot. Why? We first dated here. We spent our Maundy Thursday here. And I fell for him right in here. Like “Is this the place we used to love? Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?”

Yes, it may have been heartbreaking. I may breakdown anytime ‘cause I haven’t done that in quite a while. But I am lucky to be accompanied by a loving friend.



Being here at UP Sunken Garden gave me some sort of a whiplash and a bittersweet reverie. Somehow, the state of freedom smothers the feeling of nostalgia. The wind coupled with some dust alleviates the yearning of being with that person who along the way got lost in translation. The disposition includes the flashbacks – I see him right on the spot where we both sat and talk about the future. He wore a maroon shirt and I donned a yellow top and brown skirt. It was all too vivid for me to remember, how can I forget? I want to go sit on the grass where we sat, but I realized it’s too far from where I stood that time – too far to go back…that it requires the wind to blow him towards my way.

But I have promised myself to never dwell on the memories that will keep me coming back for more. I have promised to pursue my goals right in this place where everything seems calm and serene. It seems like it is a place where I can lash out and be happy. It seems like this place is very conducive to me.

It’s about time to pursue my goals – to study again at UP. I missed my chance one time, now it’s all in me. Probably one of the reasons why I keep on coming back here is that I knew it’s going to be my abode in the next few years… Never mind all the heartbreak I went through. I could probably thank the moment for calling me in to make me realize that I want to study here for MBA.





Paint the town Red

They say everyone is born as an artist. When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some with a shovel – some choose a pen. But either way, I know a place where everyone is an artist… or could be an artist waiting for their calling. Just near ADMU, MC and UP. Where exactly? Capitol Hills Drive: Green Street! 😉

Last Saturday, March 22, 2014, I had an adventure scheduled with my very good colleague, Ruby. We’ve been planning this painting duo date ever since and it’s a good thing we were able to plan it successfully, squeezing this session within our busy life-work schedules.

I’m such a sucker for colors, drawing and acrylics that I suddenly felt the urge to go rehabilitate myself in Sip & Gogh for just a day. How did we do it? Here:

  1. Go to their website and check their calendar: http://www.sipandgogh.com/calendar.php
  2. Choose a session you want to join in. Log in if you are a member. Or sign up, if you wish to register.
  3. Then after reserving for seats, go to the nearest Metrobank you can go to and deposit the fee. Take note that every session has different rates. Ours is Php 1,000.00. Or you can pay thru credit card. Reservation is only valid for 48 hours. If you failed to pay within 48 hours after making the reservation, your seats will be gone gone gone.. However, you can reserve again. Kewl.

But anyway, here’s our fun experience in Sip & Gogh.

We arrived like 10-15 minutes late for our 4PM “Autumn Reflections” because we were so dotty about traversing University of the Philippines, Ruby’s alma matter and my future MBA school (hehe). But that’s fine since we arrived just in time for the first technique being taught.



It’s really amazeballs how a work of art comes from simplest to picturesque! That’s what we painted first on a canvas – some sort of aqua/sky blue back drop that would resemble as waters and skies later on. And everything else follows. Really, you don’t have to be a painter to do this. But I did, since I have the love for art. 



And what counterpoised (also, added poise) to our concentration to painting? These entrées:




If you want to have some wine, be it a cabernet sauvignon or a chardonnay, or pinot noir, you must add Php 200. But in our case, we are very much drunk in water paints. So, no, we didn’t order a glass. However, non-alcoholic drinks like Four Seasons juice are served. For a more sophisticated brushing, we are given 2 slices of baguette with pesto butter and liver spread, plus cheese pyramids. Meat lover? They got it also for us. Only that I didn’t know if it is a salami or a pepperoni. But one thing is for sure, it is not a prosciutto (though it tastes close to that). See, Php 1,000.00 isn’t too pricey if you’ll evaluate the enjoyment and experience. Everyone seems to revel in the fun! Even the kids and kids at heart.

And after 2 hours of painting… we are so proud of our obra maestra that we strut it on Sip & Gogh’s wall of fame.



And a little more…



Take a look on my creation..



And after being so engrossed on doing our own thing, it is then that we saw this part of the room..



They say, art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful. I say, the more you inculcate art into your life, in every emotions you feel, in every obstacles you face, in every people you meet who makes you happy and gives you disappointments, in every way you can, the more you plot a vivid picture of your life. 


Life at 22

In every narrative there is, there are certain excerpts that are left untold. Probably because the writer opted not to make a big deal out of it, or it could be just inexplicable to elucidate and account. But overall, mine’s really not overrated. There are some areas in my life that I often forgot (or maybe not know how to) to relive but worth sharing after all.

Here are some things I’ve realized in life at 22:


I was never a family-oriented person. I often go out on Sundays (even on Friday, after office, or Saturday afternoon) for a booze sessions and return home on Monday after office. I never really appreciate staying at home with family ’cause I think it’s just lonesome – brewing boredom in a Big Brother house.

Until it hit me one day, after I broke up with an ex (finally), that I mostly get my source of happiness and support from my family (well, friends are next in line). I suddenly appreciate the weekend time spent with my folks and sisters; I suddenly love the idea of alone time with myself inside my room; I suddenly love the company of my annoying sister and started being protective of her; and I suddenly recognize the conviction of having a great family behind every human being in search of his/her identity.


There comes a time when you have to identify friends who are half-assed and Janus-faced from the real, sincere ones. It’s not that I’ve pointed fingers on them readily, but I have some in mind. But the real deal here is that, I’ve realized after all the shit I’ve went through, some stayed, some judged, and some stepped out of the picture.

Also, I’ve made friends with new people at this age. I’ve opened my arms to new people, of varying age, for the sake of finding the people who will remain when you’re not in your best-est.


At 22, I’m sort of in a hurry when it comes to getting what I want, career wise. Not that I am not into my work; it’s a dream come true to be honest. But anything that seems to never work in the long run, must have a fallback. I may have the ability to play with words ’cause, yes, I am smart, but there are times when it is not commensurate to what I have earned (read between the lines).

Just recently, I’ve suddenly had a thought of paving the asphalts to a field which somehow kinda matches to my field. I’ve attended a few interviews matched to this field but sadly I know deep in my heart that I’m still incapable of doing such ’cause of my work experience. But really, this isn’t like the doomsday. I kept on telling myself to wait for the right time and to keep on planning ahead, And the plan’s been simmering for quite some time now.


Probably the best highlight of 2013’s first half – there’s more to come, I know.

Meeting mi amor: most likely one of the life changing event in my life. Meeting Chris V. was unaccountable. Even I can’t really explain everything ’cause finding the right words to say and to describe seems ineffable. The feelings just speak for it.

This is the kind of relationship that will make you want to strive more to keep it, nurture it, maintain it and make it yours for a lifetime.

It may sound dreamy but that’s just how I see it.


I definitely believe that my life will start at 22. My life prior to that seems to be a bit tiresomely redundant, subdued and rigid. Now, I’m more than ready to start it right with these realizations in life. Try some things I haven’t done before and seize the life I have and live life at its fullest!

Comer, Ceber, Rezar, Amar y Regocijarse!Image